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April Galarza has been writing since the age of five. Although her first short story Hiccups! did not receive much acclaim, the crayon written manuscript was the beginning of a lifetime devoted to the written word. April grew up in Colchester, CT and now resides in Chicago, IL. Against the advice of her “mentor in spirit” and major influence Sandra Cisneros, she married a Mexican and blames him and his magnificent family for much of her creative inspiration. Like most of the 12th Floor Writing Group she graduated from Columbia College Chicago. She is an editor for Spirit: a Magazine Designed for the Diverse Woman and a reporter for the The Near West Gazette. When she is not editing or reporting she is hard at work on her first novel; La Manda (The Promise).


Amanda Devaney started writing when she was eight years old. It began with the retelling of Tutankhamen’s tomb as a contest entry for a library story contest. Although she didn’t win, the loss did not stall her passion. She came back to writing seriously, not just some on the side hobby stuff, when she began her novel, Lily, Vampire in eleventh grade in U.S. History and now attends Columbia College Chicago with only one more year to go. Amanda grew up in Reading, Mass, eleven miles north of Boston, and travels back and forth between there and Chicago to see her large family who give her much inspiration for her creative non-fiction work. While in Chicago most of the year, she holds a job at Lindenmeyr Book Publishing, a paper supplier, and can’t wait till she can get a job that is relative to her field of study.


Tim Weaver
Tim Weaver has been writing short stories off and on for seventeen years. Born and raised in Chicago, he looks forward to graduating and moving onto bigger things. He is currently working on his second crime novel, entitled The Outlaw and several screenplays. For the last four years, he has run a political blog and enjoys sending pundit Bill O’Reilly hate mail in his free time. Tim’s work has appeared in numerous online publications and his 2002 children’s story Tommy’s Tall Tale won acclaim from a small press. His dream job is to write for The Onion.

Allisson Lake writes stories and makes noise.


Rachel Winokur is a Jane of all trades, having deviled in a variety of industries, none of them ever related to one another. To escape from the real world, she reads and writes. If she had a choice, she’d live in one of her imagined places from her stories. Having graduated from Columbia College Chicago, Rachel has recently plunged into the freelancing world, and hopes to marry a rich, Jewish doctor or lawyer. She would like to thank God, the Academy, and her friends and family for their love and support.

Kelly Zavala Bio soon to come


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