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Take a place, any place you’re seeing right now….

March 28, 2007

I’m seeing a place where we can all share our writing and get feedback from other trusted devoted writers. Where we can settle onto that comfy purple couch in the ether, mugs of coffee and tea warm in our hands and stories in our ears–er on the blog.As you all know I have failed miserably to create a consistent writing group in the real world. I figure the web may be our salvation.

My personal goal as a member of this group will be to knock out a piece of my novel each week. I want to work on consistency in the voice and style of my writing but most of all I want to explore the ever important question what the F*** happens next.

What goals do you have? How can the “group” help you. (Man that sounded cheesy!) I guess I’m just saying as we begin to leave the hallowed hall of the 12Th floor and make our way into the “real” world I want there to be at least one place (if only virtual) where we can connect as writers. So lets agree to help each-other.

Post an intro if you please and let us know what you’d like to see happen.