About Us

Welcome to The 12th Floor Writing Group. For protégés of the Story Workshop Method…and any writer who wants honest and quality feedback from other serious writers. This is an online writing group. As a member you can post your work in progress (2-5 pages) and get useful feedback in the form of questions and other constructive comments. The rules are simple. Post your work once a week and comment on everyone’s post. That’s it!

Authorship is exclusive to writers who have been invited to join. This is to keep discussions on task and to make sure all our posts are focused towards positive development. The blog itself is open to the public to read but only members can post and comment.

As a member of the group you will be counted on to not only post your work on a regular basis but to comment on every other members work. This way everyone will get equal exposure and feedback.

We created these guidelines with the hopes that this group can be an amazing asset to its members. Thank you for your patronage.

April Galarza & Amanda Devaney


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